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Sarah Jayne

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Hello : )

 My name is Sarah Jayne <3 

I have been a Complementary health therapist with over 12 years and I am very passionate about the holistic approach to health. My journey began with my own health struggles as a young teenager. .Having had my own health journey and successfully overcoming them using complementary health therapies as part of my own healing, it ignited an unquenchable passion and desire to learn these modalities. The driving force behind this fire was the deep empathy for people that it sparked in me, especially for people that were in pain or suffering and a desire to help them and alleviate their health struggles through the holistic approach. So, I decided to embark on an exciting holistic journey in 2007 and studied as a fulltime student, qualifying in 2009 and I have not looked back since.

 Currently ,I hold ITEC Diplomas in many Holistic treatments; to name a few: Holistic massage, On-site massage, Indian head massage, Aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, Diet and nutrition for Complementary therapists and Reflexology and I am  always interested in expanding knowledge in all areas of complementary health and gaining new skills.

During my college years I studied under amazing tutors and I also studied extra classes to learn Reiki which was over a three year period at night time. I studied under the amazing Maureen Gillen and Finnuola Conroy who are well know Reiki Masters in Cork. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying under these two beautiful souls.

When I first began Reiki, It felt like home. I loved it passionately and it resonated with me so much that it led me to much deeper spiritual work that I continued in over the following years. I attended many classes in energy treatments, tai chi, drumming, channelling etc (Including many classes at Dervish ) and gained much wisdom of the energetic cross over from all of these practices and it further spiked my curiosity and enthusiasm for holistic therapies so I  then pursued this more in depth when I completed the Lemurian crystal training.  I also completed I.E.T and I was a student of the Diana Cooper angelic school in 2012 and I also taught Reiki too many groups of people over the years.  I also studied Homeopathy and kinesiology as well under a qualified Dr and loved them. There is such a vast world of exploration in the holistic world with many paths to pursue.

After qualifying and whilst continuing training, I had my own space in in a beautiful holistic and beauty building where I opened my own business. This building eventually closed down and I then decided to pursue a combination of beauty and complementary health and had a business as a qualified MUA with Complementary therapies but I felt that there was an undeniable tension between these two realms so I decided to return again to my first love and renamed it Infinity wellness where I continued to practice complementary therapies which is my core passion.

 I am absolutely honoured to have this amazing opportunity to work with such an inspiring, beautiful and gifted team of therapists at the Dervish CO-Op. They are an amazing bunch of ladies and this CO-OP is truly a beautiful treasure in the heart of a beautiful city.

I want to finish with this, I truly believe every human being is as unique as their finger prints’ imply and as important as the next. I also believe that the most important part of a human being is not what we see on the surface but that it penetrates much deeper than that. Each and every person is on their own health journey to get to that optimum place of balance where they can find health, harmony and peace. I really love being part of that journey with each individual and seeing them flourish.

I look forward to meeting you all soon,




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