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The Dervish Co-op

The concept of creating a co -op was the brain child of Fiona Murphy owner of Dervish Bookstore & Holistic Centre and Theresa Flannigan Therapist and Dervish assistant sometime between the years of 2012/2013. 

In 2014 the Dervish Massage Co-op was set to open after gathering some core therapists that held the vision together in belief that holistic treatments should be affordable and accessible to people with different financial situations. 


Over the years the Dervish Massage Co-Op has been not just a sanctuary where people come to heal and restore balance but a nourishing place for the therapists to grow.

Dervish Massage Co-op has hosted and been a home for some of Cork's most incredible Holistic Therapists since its opening. 


Our space might be little but it's impact has been immense on our community and we are honoured to keep offering our services.


We are therapists that work from our heart and heal through our hands and are here to assist your body mind emotions to balance on this journey. 


Currently running the space is Helena Palmer, Orna Connelly & Margaret Moore. Why not check out our bios for a more in- depth view on our journey towards where we are today. 


We look forward to holding space for you in our cosy corner in the heart of this wonderful city.

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